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The state-owned Life Insurance Corporation has started compulsory insurance for employees who go to work abroad.

At present, many workers in different parts of the world who work in the workplace with various risks do not get any insurance benefits. According to the Life Insurance Corporation, an agreement has been reached with the concerned authorities to insure expatriate workers for them.

Before going to work abroad, a worker has to get insurance from the Wage Earner Welfare Board. He can’t go abroad without insurance. ”

Dr Afroza said workers with a one-time fixed amount of money would have to be insured, which would be effective for two years.

“500$ of the one-time premium of 990$ will be paid by the Wage Earner Welfare Board and the rest will be paid to those who want to go abroad,” said Dr Afroza.

The Wage Earner Welfare Board will then coordinate all the information of the workers willing to go abroad with the Life Insurance Corporation through software. The Life Insurance Corporation will then issue a certificate to the migrant worker, making him an insured.

Shelina Afroza said workers who are currently abroad can also insure themselves if they wish by sending a representative or by contacting the Life Insurance Corporation.

And as a result, it will never be difficult for them to run their household expenses. Because the lower the age, the lower the level of insurance premium will be.

Just like you will get a minimum capital money policy here, you can also take a policy with large financial benefits according to your financial capacity. insurance by the age of 30 ensures greater benefits of insurance is that with this insurance you can



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